Friday, May 29, 2009

Did Jack Bauer Convert To Islam During His Deathbed Confession To The Muslim Imam?--Poll Results

The Jack Bauer/Muslim Imam Poll is now closed as of 5-29-09 at 1:53 AM. Thank you for voting. Here are the final results:

14 (32%)
14 (32%)

4 (9%)

I'm not sure.
1 (2%)

The script was not clear.
3 (6%)

I'm tired of liberal politically correct propaganda in the mainstream media.
11 (25%)

Jack Bauer did not convert. He merely had a pleasant conversation with the Muslim Imam.
8 (18%)

Jack Bauer's brain has been contaminated with unusual chemicals, and he is no longer capable of making a rational decision.
4 (9%)

Jack Bauer is a secular humanist atheist, and has no real interest in any religion.
1 (2%)

I want the old Jack Bauer back!
13 (30%)

I will vote tomorrow after I've had a chance to calm down.
4 (9%)

Votes so far: 43 Poll closed
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