Tuesday, November 18, 2008

American Humanist Association Answers Metro Bus Commuters' Questions About Anti-God Posters

The American Humanist Association recently placed anti-God posters on Metro buses. The following link contains their ridiculous answers to commuters' questions.


I have noticed that this sort of event always happens just before major Christian holidays. You see, Secular Humanists really do have a religion, and it's name is Atheism. Atheism's adherents are very interested in converting as many people as they can (or should I say brainwashing?) to their way of thinking.

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Click the following link to read The American Humanist Association's answers. Please note that The American Humanist Association is an organization of secular humanists, or atheists.

The following questions have been asked in response to the humanist Metro bus posters: Why not believe in a god? Without a god, why be good at all? Isn’t Christmas really about Jesus?

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