Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle: "I Wouldn't Want To Change Myself Too Much"

According to a recent CNN article, singing sensation "'Susan Boyle, 47, has said she's still the same humble girl next door despite her knockout singing on "Britain's Got Talent.'"

Susan Boyle also said: "'I wouldn't want to change myself too much because that would really make things a bit false,' she told CNN's 'American Morning' on Friday. 'I want to receive people as the real me, a real person.'"

"'A clip of Boyle's performance on the talent show had more than 15 million views on YouTube by Friday, and the world's media have beaten a path to her door in Blackburn, Scotland.'"
Watch Boyle's singing wow the world »

"'During an earlier interview with CNN's Atika Shubert, Boyle expressed amazement at people's reaction to her -- 'the way everyone seems to have embraced me, the way they seem to have apparently fallen in love with me,'" she said.
Watch young fans flock to Boyle's home »

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