Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carlos Bernard, Alias 24's Tony Almeida, Deserves Best Actor Emmy

Carlos Bernard, known to 24 fans as the character Tony Almeida, definitely deserves a Best Actor's Emmy for his portrayal in Season 7 as a man seeking revenge for his wife Michelle's death, even if it means being responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans in the process.

Carlos Bernard has the ability to convince viewers that Tony Almeida is either incredibly good or incredibly evil, according to the script's ever changing flow. Carlos Bernard's portrayal of Tony Almeida as an evil man is chillingly convincing to even the most skeptical viewer.

It was hard to take when Tony Almeida suddenly became an evil terrorist before my astonished eyes, because his character seemed so good, and even innocent, in previous seasons of 24.

So, for the ability to act out politically-related espionage flip-flops better than any actor I have ever seen, I really would like to see Carlos Bernard be nominated for, and win, an Emmy.

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