Tuesday, December 22, 2009

24's Jack Bauer: Why All The Fuss About Jack's Potential Muslim Conversion?

What is it about Fox TV's 24 character Jack Bauer, portrayed by actor Kiefer Sutherland, that makes so many people, from all over the world, continue to ponder the last moments in Season 7's final episode? This is a fascinating subject for those, like myself, who became a follower of a fictitious, yet seemingly very real, American hero named Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer's name even sounds like someone we might meet in everyday life, does it not?

To many non-Muslim followers of Fox TV's 24, the very idea of Jack Bauer even toying with the concept of converting to the Muslim faith seems to be preposterous, at the very least, for many reasons.

Here are just a few reasons why CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM thinks that the writers of 24's Season 7, at least the final episode, made a huge mistake:

1. Jack Bauer has consistently been an American hero, fighting against terrorists, particularly Islamic Jihadist terrorists.

2. Jack Bauer has never, in any episode of Fox TV's 24, expressed the slightest interest in any religion, so the thought of Jack suddenly contemplating a deathbed conversion to the prophet Mohammed's Islam religion appears to be ridiculous to many 24 fans.

3. But it isn't only that Jack Bauer has never expressed any interest in a particular religion. There is more to this than meets the eye. Jack Bauer has been a hero to all 24 fans, whether they are conservatives or liberals (and 24 does have both liberal and conservative followers on the political spectrum). When an American hero like Jack Bauer, even though fictitious, suddenly does a really inexplainable thing, like desiring to speak to a Muslim Imam on his deathbed, intelligent fans are bound to ask "why?"

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