Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Judaism Is A Religion, Not A Race -- Are You A Closet Anti-Jewish Anti-Semite?

Shakespeare's Shylock
Is there such a thing as a closet Anti-Semite?

I believe the answer to this question is yes. Anti-Semitic statements occur in common, everyday life. For example, if you ever used the expression "you can Jew him down," when referring to bargaining for an object you wished to purchase at a yard sale, you said anti-Semitic words, perhaps without even realizing it. Similarly, if you ever told someone, "you look Jewish," or "you look like a Jew," even if your remark was made in all innocence, and meaning no real harm, you spoke anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic words.

The truth about both of the above statements is this: Jews are not more frugal than any other group of people. This idea stems from anti-Semitic, ignorant, untrue, and preconceived ideas. Stereotypes are never the real truth, and people should not base their opinions about others based on stereotypical hearsay. Neither do Jews "look Jewish." The idea that Jews exclusively have big noses or look a certain way is equally false. Erroneous ideas about Jews, and the Jewish people, are what propelled Hitler's Nazis into murdering 6,000,000 Jews (The Holocaust).

Hitler believed in the evil concept that Jews were the opposite of what he called "pure Aryans," those with German ancestors or German blood. Even German Jews were not considered to be Aryans by Hitler, because their Jewish blood, in his mind, automatically made them an inferior people or race, and not acceptable candidates the “pure Aryan race.” The whole idea of a so-called pure Aryan race is untrue, and founded upon the basic ideas of those who perpetrate anti-semitic propaganda.

Jews are not a race. Judaism is a religion, and Jews are people who were either born into, or converted, to the religion of Judaism. People often confuse the two, but bear in mind that Jews are from countries all over the world, so what "race" would they be?

If you were born in America, your ancestors were originally born in another country, or several other countries. The same principle applies to those who are born into the Jewish religion. Their religion is “Jewish” but their Jewish ancestors, who were born in various countries, determine what race the person belongs to, not the person’s religious beliefs.

What race would a Jew belong to if he or she converted to Judaism? If a person converts to Catholicism, does the person’s race then change to “Catholic?” Of course there is no such thing as the Catholic race, and neither is there any such thing as the Jewish race.

In the future, I ask you to please think carefully about the common remarks you make, and have made, to others about Jews, or to Jews themselves, and reconsider the error of your Anti-Semitic words. Any words that sound even the slightest bit anti-Semitic should never be spoken.

Historically, the Jewish people have gone through many trials and difficulties. Jews have had more than their share of suffering throughout history. Please don’t cause any more pain by adding your thoughtless words into the atmosphere. This applies to your speech about Jews to other people as well, which is nothing more than malicious gossip, and also belongs to the category of anti-Semitic speech.

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