Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meg Whitman Elected California's GOP Nominee on Tuesday

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Meg Whitman is the first elected Republican female nominee for Governor in California history. This is a victory for Meg Whitman in itself.

Edmund G."Jerry"Brown, the 34th Governor of California from 1975-1983, is the Democratic nominee for California Governor.

Republican Nominee Meg Whitman's three top priorities for solving the problems in California are:

1. creating jobs
2. cutting government spending
3. fixing California schools.

Meg's campaign is focused on returning California to the state known for prosperity and innovation. If elected governor, Meg pledges to create two million new jobs by 2015, and to reduce the state's deficit by finding $15 billion in savings and efficiencies. Meg also promises to make California's public schools once again the best in the nation. 1
1 Meg 2010 A New California -- Met Whitman For Governor

On Meg Whitman's Facebook Profile page, there is a list of several different ways you can keep in touch with Meg and her campaign:

You can sign up at to join Meg in Building a New California.

Text 'NewCA' to 46634 (GOMEG)

Twitter @Whitman2010

Congratulations to my very special Facebook friend, Meg Whitman!

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