Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama's BP Oil Spill Speech Fails To Impress Facebook and Twitter Users

President Barack Obama's BP oil spill speech failed to impress many Twitter and Facebook users. Researchers at Crimson Hexagon analyzed 83,000 Twitter tweets and Facebook comments, and here are the poll results:

1. 27% were not happy with President Barack Obama's BP oil spill plan

2. 11% were not happy with President Barack Obama's public speaking skills, claiming he used a lot of hand gestures and appeared to be reading from a teleprompter

3. 15% didn't like having to miss their favorite television shows

4. 14% said they didn't support President Barack Obama

5. 13% said they did support President Barack Obama
BP provisionally agreed the biggest compensation payment in corporate history, setting up a fund worth at least £13.5 billion to cover the damage caused by its leaking oil pipe in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the US president last night made it clear that BP's payments could be just the start, warning that the company could still face lawsuits from individuals and American states. 1 
1 Twitter and Facebook users 'not impressed' by President Obama's BP oil spill speech
By Ben Leach

Published: 7:35AM BST 17 Jun 2010

I see no point in writing any long commentary about these mostly very astute observations of 83,000 Facebook and Twitter users.

The 15% whose only complaint was that the speech prevented them from watching their favorite television shows, and the 13% who said they support President Barack Obama would be the exceptions and not the rule.

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