Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Marries Kathryn Rogers, Starring Sir Elton John

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh married Kathryn Rogers today. According to an article posted on, British superstar and composer Sir Elton John performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding reception. The wedding was an extravagant Palm Beach Hawaiian-themed ceremony and reception.

In case you're wondering why Sir Elton John, an openly Gay man who, earlier this year announced that Jesus Christ was a "super-intelligent gay man," (yes, it's hard to believe, but this is what Sir Elton John said) agreed to perform at ultra-conservative Rush Limbaugh's wedding reception, there is one excellent reason. According to the New York Daily News article, Sir Elton John will receive $1 million for his performance at Rush Limbaugh's wedding reception.

As far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned, it seems to me that Rush Limbaugh must have the ability to separate the artist from the man. Rush Limbaugh obviously didn't allow his conservative viewpoints to get in the way when it involved having a talented person like Sir Elton John perform at his wedding reception. This only proves that Rush Limbaugh, contrary to what liberals think, is more than capable of being open-minded and nonjudgemental.

According to a recent Palm Beach Post article, Rush Limbaugh's new bride, Kathryn Rogers, is a direct descendant of American Founding Father John Adams. John Adams was the first Vice President (1789-1797), and the Second President (1797-1801), of the United States.

Congratulations, Rush Limbaugh. I hope you and your new wife Kathryn will be very happy.

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