Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chilean Miner Will Run In NYC Marathon Today

New York City, USA: Chilean miner Ed Pena, one of the 33 Chilean miners rescued in the massive October Chile mine rescue, is planning on running in the NYC Marathon race today. Ed Pena is 34 years old and is an avid runner. Ed Pena practiced for the New York Marathon by running through tunnels for several miles a day while he was trapped in a Chile mine for over two months.

Marathon world-record holder Haile Gebrselassie met Edison Pena at the airport on Thursday morning. Pena said, speaking in English,  "It's incredible". Pena entertained more than 100 media members with his rendition of some lines from his American idol Elvis Presley's song "Return to Sender." Pena listened to Elvis Presley when he was trapped underground. Pena practiced for the NYC Marathon with his daily 6 to 7 mile run through the Chile mine's underground tunnels. I just saw a clip on NBC of Ed Pena singing Elvis' "Return to Sender," and I must add that his performance was quite charming. NBC is airing the New York City Marathon, which is in progress now.

Ed Pena told the media that he was thinking about beating destiny during those weeks when he was trapped underground in a Chilean mine:

"What I thought about as I ran in the mine was that I was going to beat destiny," Pena said through a translator at a packed news conference Thursday, hours after flying into New York. "I was going to turn the tables on destiny. I was saying to that mine, 'I can outrun you. I'm going to run until you're just tired and bored of me.'


"And I did it." 1 

The NYC Marathon officials wanted to invite Ed Pena as a guest of honor, but Ed Pena insisted on running the race himself. Chilean miner Ed Pena is currently suffering from a bad knee, and his goal is to complete the New York City Marathon race in 6 hours . The race is 26.2 miles long. 

 I am so happy that Chilean miner Ed Pena is strong enough to run the race in the NYC Marathon. The entire world, the United States of America and all of New York City salutes you, Edison Pena. You are a hero today.

1 Chilean Edison Pena in NY for Marathon

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