Friday, December 17, 2010

A Serious Warning to Conservatives

Becoming a liberal who identifies with other liberal Democrats can be a powerful temptation for many people, because it is a great deal more difficult to be a conservative than it is to be a liberal. Liberal political tenets that are common to Democrats, and do not demand a great degree of accountability, are much easier to accept and believe in. Conservatives, even conservative Republicans, can easily be persuaded to believe in liberal issues, because liberals cleverly disguise their ideals as being both positive, as well as necessary, for the betterment of humanity.

Being a liberal Democrat is not a difficult task, nor does becoming a liberal require sincere dedication. The main requirement for becoming a liberal Democrat is to be extremely gullible in the acceptance of leftist ideologies. On the other hand, being a conservative Republican requires diligence, honesty, and the acceptance of a value system relatively unknown to liberal Democratic thinking. It takes a true maverick to cross over to the “other” side known as conservatism.

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