Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Legalization Of Marijuana Most Popular Question for Obama

On "Your Interview With The President," the YouTube site that has been set up for a live stream of President Barack Obama's 2011 State of the Union Address plus questions posed to Mr. Obama by YouTube participants, the number one question appears to be regarding the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana by the federal government. I doubt very much if President Barack Obama, as liberal as he is, would stoop so low on the liberal ladder as to legalize marijuana.

It is a bit disturbing that the most popular question on the YouTube site, "Your Interview With The President" is focused on the issue of legalizing marijuana, rather than on the more pressing issues of the day, such as the loss, and lack, of jobs, the economy, and America's national security. I trust and hope that YouTube is not an indication of the views of most Americans. I personally voted, along with the majority of Californians, against the legalization of marijuana when it appeared on the 2010 ballot. Even though the crime factor is a serious issue when it comes to street drugs, legalizing marijuana is not the answer.

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  2. you are gnorant and stuck-up. have a open mind and maybe you can make the world a better place. but we all know that is not what you want

  3. The comments above are a little confusing and without merit or thought. However, I am perplexed as to how you think that the legalization of marijuana will not increase/affect jobs and even tax revenue. EVERY generation has had to develop dis/approval regarding marijuana.... and as far as a solution to the "drug problem" - what is your solution?
    ... And why was it so important for you to type that you voted with "the majority"?


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