Thursday, October 25, 2012

Giants Barry Zito Pitches with Heart in World Series

It is always an uplifting experience when I see a real MLB World Series baseball hero, such as San Francisco Giants baseball pitcher Barry Zito, playing baseball with tremendous heart and momentum. I love the Rocky movies starring actor Sylvester Stallone. The film saga that begins with the character Rocky Balboa, the story of an insignificant boxer who ends up as a boxing champion and hero, deserves its wide appeal and critical acclaim. Barry Zito reminds me that Rocky is not merely a figment of Sylvester Stallone's creative imagination. The only difference between Rock and Zito is that Rocky Balboa is a boxer and Barry Zito is a baseball pitcher.

Thanks mostly to baseball pitcher Barry Zito, a lefty, Game 1 of the 2012 World Series on Wednesday, October 24, ended  with an incredible win for the San Francisco Giants against the Detroit Tigers and its star pitcher, Justin Verlander.

The final score of Game 1:
  • San Francisco Giants  - 8
  • Detroit Tigers - 3  
Avid St. Louis Cardinals fans are disappointed with the 2012 playoffs. St. Louis Cardinals fans may not want to admit the truth about the unbelievable pitches delivered by San Franciso Giants pitcher Barry Zito during the current baseball season. Yet, no one can deny that Barry Zito is presently the new MLB baseball hero of the 2012 World Series baseball games.

During Game 5 of the playoffs, Barry Zito struck out one St. Louis Cardinal after another, equaling a total of six St. Louis Cardinals hitters. Pitcher Barry Zito won the San Francisco Giants a rightful place in the 2012 World Series. Barry Zito continued to steal the show during Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.

Winning Game 1 was not an accidental win for the San Francisco Giants. The first baseball game of the 2012 World Series thrilled San Francisco Giants fans as they watched star pitcher Barry Zito pitch with tremendous skill and heart. Fans were also thrilled by hitter Pablo Sandoval's three amazing home runs and the unending and energetic momentum displayed by the San Francisco Giants.

What some baseball fans may not know is that Barry Zito has seen some rough times, yet he has never given up on his natural gift or the love of the game. Brian Sabean, the General Manager of the San Francisco Giants, says the following about Giants pitcher Barry Zito: "He's been through a lot, obviously. He took the beatings." Sabean also mentioned the following sentiment about Barry Zito: "In his own way he's never stopped believing and he's made changes. He's made changes when he had to."

In his own words, San Francisco Giants star pitcher Barry Zito says, "In this game, sometimes we forget at times what we're all capable of, and I think those are the times when we struggle a little bit." These profound words have meaning for every person who struggles to overcome difficult situations in life.

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