You are welcome to advertise on Conservative Wordsmith as long as your advertisements do not contradict ethical or moral values.

Since my site attracts liberals as well as conservatives, it is not limited to conservative ads, although conservative ads are preferable.

However, please do not advertise anything that is completely opposed to conservatism. For example, just because I might have written a post against atheism, please don't assume that you can place an ad on my site that encourages the viewer to become an atheist. This would go against the purpose of my site, which is to explore, in depth, everything that matters, with a serious emphasis on conservative truth and values.

Conservative Wordsmith accepts ads from Google AdSense and any legitimate advertising program, advertiser, company, private individual, blog, or website.

If you would like to place a personal or business ad on my official Conservative Wordsmith website, you can either bid through an advertisement program, such as Google AdSense, or you can make a bid directly to the author.

Direct bids from private individuals, companies, and blog/website owners are open to negotiation. Contact the author, Conservative Wordsmith Susan Baldwin, at this email address:

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