Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year 2011: Why Is The New Year Important?

You might ask the question: Why is the New Year important? Is the economy an important factor? Is the political climate a important factor? Yes, these are significant in and of themselves, but the main reason why the New Year is important is because it represents a chance to start life, our personal lives, all over again, and the opportunity to point our lives in new and better directions. This is the reason why people make New Year resolutions. People make New Year resolutions because they hope to change their recognized bad habits or qualities for the better. People look forward to the New Year with newly renewed faith in God and in themselves, because they know that the old year is ending, and something new, good, fantastic and exciting might be in store for them.

I would like to take a few moments to offer my readers and online friends my sincere wishes for a healthy, happy, safe and prosperous New Year in 2011. People from different countries all over the world, including, of course, the great United States of America, view various articles on my website, and I appreciate the diversity of people, from all different walks of life, who visit my official website. Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, a Republican or a Democrat, an Independent or a Libertarian, I wish all of you great joy and success in 2011. May God bestow His blessings upon every person who reads these words.

In New Year 2011, let us all experience optimism, instead of pessimism, in 2011. Let us all learn to be more optimistic, rather than pessimistic, about the circumstances in our lives, no matter how depressing or upsetting they might be. Let us all learn to rise above the daily, mundane experiences we all have to deal with, and remember that mediocrity is not the most important thing going on in our lives. Above all, let us all bear in mind that life itself is precious and highly significant, and that we should always strive to develop the gifts God gave to us at birth. The potential for true greatness dwells within each and every one of us, and it is my hope that in the New Year of 2011, my readers, as well as myself, will attain to the greatness, in the spiritual sense, that we all deserve.

Friday, December 17, 2010

GOP Pledge: People Grant Government Power

You can read the entire Republican (GOP) Pledge to America at The pledge reminds Americans about the truths contained in the Declaration of Independence; the basic concept that the country of America is not just a country, but an idea. This idea focuses on the belief that people who are free have the ability to be self-governed, that self-governed people grant the government the right to have power, and that every person has been given the gifts of the right to live, the right to experience freedom and the right to pursue happiness. 

The GOP Pledge to America, which is a great read, goes on to say that the Republican party pledges to respect and value family life and traditional marriage, and to be good and truthful stewards to the American people. You can read the entire pledge, and also watch the Pledge to America Preamble, a You Tube video of A Pledge to America, here:

I highly recommend that every conservative man and woman read the GOP Pledge to America. The GOP pledge is an excellent summary of what it is that Republicans believe, and wish to proclaim, to America and to the entire world.

A Serious Warning to Conservatives

Becoming a liberal who identifies with other liberal Democrats can be a powerful temptation for many people, because it is a great deal more difficult to be a conservative than it is to be a liberal. Liberal political tenets that are common to Democrats, and do not demand a great degree of accountability, are much easier to accept and believe in. Conservatives, even conservative Republicans, can easily be persuaded to believe in liberal issues, because liberals cleverly disguise their ideals as being both positive, as well as necessary, for the betterment of humanity.

Being a liberal Democrat is not a difficult task, nor does becoming a liberal require sincere dedication. The main requirement for becoming a liberal Democrat is to be extremely gullible in the acceptance of leftist ideologies. On the other hand, being a conservative Republican requires diligence, honesty, and the acceptance of a value system relatively unknown to liberal Democratic thinking. It takes a true maverick to cross over to the “other” side known as conservatism.

"Mr. Obama Will Not Be Invited" to Prince William's Wedding

Recent news reports indicate that Great Britain's Prince William does not intend to invite President Barack Obama to his wedding on April 29, 2011. Prince William and Kate Middleton's British royal wedding will not be an official state occasion. Because of this, Prince William is not being expected to invite heads of state to his wedding. Prince William, and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton, plan on inviting people who work for charitable organizations, as well as other members of normal society, to their wedding. 

However, a private, undisclosed source revealed to the Daily Mail that some heads of state will be invited to the couple's royal wedding ceremony, but that "Mr. Obama will not be invited." Note that President Obama was referred to as "Mr. Obama" instead of "President Obama." Evidently President Barack Obama (or should I say Mr. Barack Obama?) is not going to be one of the selected heads of state who will have the privilege of attending the British wedding ceremony of a real Prince. Shall I word this lack of invitation another way? Yes, I think so: Mr. Obama has been snubbed by British royalty. 

I wonder if former President George W. Bush will be invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton's British wedding ceremony? This would not surprise me, as President George W. Bush, unlike America's current President Barack Obama, had excellent relationships with many European rulers and leaders. Is President Barack Obama popular in Europe? Well, there is at least one real Prince who might think otherwise. 

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