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A list of GOP or Republican 2012 presidential candidates is available at: Will the next U.S. President be a Republican? Now is your chance to cast your vote. Click the red Pick Me! button, enter your email address, and your vote will be cast. The results will be published in an issue of Townhall Magazine and on Facebook.

Will the next Republican President of the United States of America be the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney? Republican Mitt Romney lost when he ran in the 2008 election, primarily because he happens to be member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known by the word Mormon. Maybe the next United States President will be Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan. Perhaps the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin will be the first female U.S. President. What about former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum? Will Rick Santorum be the next Republican U.S. President?

Share your vote with other conservatives on both and Facebook. The list of's Presidential Straw Poll winners will also be published on and on the Presidential Straw Poll Facebook page.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul is also listed on the Presidential Straw Poll List, but bear in mind that Ron Paul is really a libertarian in the garb of a republican.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Donald Trump Vs Barack Obama in 2012 Election Showdown?

I recently read British journalist Hadley Freeman's article published on the British website, (Donald Trump: the Republican's only hope). In this article, the journalist refers to both Fox News and Donald Trump as being "monsters" who are akin to Mary Shelley's monster (I prefer the word "creature").

The author discusses the potential of Donald Trump (whom she refers to as being a "birther") as a 2012 US Republican presidential candidate pitted against the current United States President, Democrat Barack Obama. In Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein, this monster or creature is created by the insane scientist Victor Frankenstein. Hadley Freeman refers to Fox as being similar to Victor Frankenstein in its creation of the monster Donald Trump.

I joined the website and made a comment. Please click this link to read the very liberal viewpoints found in Hadley Freeman's article and the comment by "moi", USAWordsmith.

Personally, I would love to hear American billionaire Donald Trump tell President Barack Obama his famous words from the hit television show, The Apprentice: "YOU'RE FIRED!"
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