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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conservative Tenets Of A Conservative American Female Patriot

CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM is a conservative political website emphasizing the beliefs of the Republican Party/GOP.

CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM supports Republican presidential candidates, and Republican candidates in general.

CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM is proud to proclaim the greatness of the United States of America.

CONSERVATIVE WORDMSMITH.COM honors American soldiers, and salutes American soldiers as true American heroes.

CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM is not afraid to be politically incorrect, and finds political correctness to be reprehensible.

CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM is not afraid to use the word "TERRORISM."

CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM explicates the dangers of terrorism.

*In fact, you have entered an ANTI-TERRORIST ZONE operated by Conservative Wordsmith Susan Baldwin, a CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN FEMALE PATRIOT, and author of CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM.*


*If you have experienced this UNEXPECTED EVENT, DO NOT be alarmed, as this is a common and completely harmless SIDE-EFFECT.*

*In fact, the SIDE-EFFECT of being transformed into a POLITICAL CONSERVATIVE has several benefits, including (but not limited to) a new sense of PURPOSE AND PASSION in your life, newly created brain cells causing bursts of WISDOM AND INTELLIGENCE previously unknown, frequent feelings of HAPPINESS bordering on EUPHORIA, and a general sense of WELL-BEING.*

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Napolitano Offers Zero Homeland Security For 18 Republican Leaders

Friday, January 8, 2010

Napolitano Offers Zero Homeland Security For 18 Republican Leaders

On January 5 The Conservative Victory Committee wrote a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano requesting Janet Napolitano's voluntary resignation.

The last sentence in this letter, signed by Congressman Michael C. Burgess (R-Texas)and 17 other conservative leaders, states: "Please, Madame Secretary, do the right thing - for our nation, and its people." 

Here is an excerpt from the letter: 
"We are concerned that your performance as Secretary has not been consistent with the high standards required of your job. You have made decisions that are at best highly questionable; at worst erroneous - sometimes dangerously so. And you have on several occasions said things that have been reckless, and demonstrate a lack of understanding of the perilous realities which threaten us as a nation.
We face threats of enormous proportions on several fronts, most notably from terrorists who wish to - and have demonstrated that they have the ability to - commit acts of violence in order to kill Americans and disrupt our way of life. Your past performance and lack of judgment do not give us confidence that you are able to protect the American people against these threats." 
If you recall, CONSERVATIVE WORDSMITH.COM published a post on December 28, 2009, entitled "No Tears For 2009, Thanks to Economic Woes, Health Care, Homeland Security, And A Politically Correct Liberal White House" about Secretary ofHomeland Security Janet Napolitano refusing to use the word "terrorism."

Napolitano said that she preferred to use the word (which is not a real word) "man-caused" disasters. In my post I wrote (quoting myself):
"It is scary that Janet Napolitano, the person Americans are supposed to trust regarding their security from terrorists, particularly Islamic Jihadist terrorists, finds the word "terrorism" to be politically incorrect."
It is interesting to note that the words and sentiments of 18 respected conservative leaders bear an uncanny  resemblance to my own words. Here is what the letter they wrote to Napolitano had to say about this matter:
"And in March, you made the bizarre announcement that terrorist acts would no longer be called what they are - terrorist acts. They would instead be called 'man-caused disasters.' This sort of semantic amorphousness typifies your misunderstanding of the gravity of the position you hold and the import of that with which you are charged -- the safeguarding of the homeland and the American people."
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