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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

U.S. Economy And Political Machinations Of Obama Health Care Plan In America

The U.S. economy will suffer due to the political machinations of President Barack Obama, and his politically leftist Democratic Congress passing of Obama's Health Care Bill, which has left many Americans feeling fear, confusion, doubt, sorrow, and anger. 

Forcing policies upon American citizens against their wills, policies that are not guaranteed rights in the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights, as far as I know, is unconstitutional. This is just one of many sharp contrasts between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats believe in Big Government, and its ability to govern the lives of Americans; Republicans believe in Americans, and their ability to largely govern their own lives. 

What the Obama Administration has done should be recognized by the United States Supreme Court as being unconstitutional, and, consequently, illegal. The United States Congress has crossed the line of democracy. At least a dozen attorneys, representing twelve states, are planning to sue the Federal government over President Obama's Health Care Plan.

If creating a National Health Insurance Plan was the #1 top priority in the mind of Barack Obama and his Administration, it should have been accomplished without the use of "force," and without getting the IRS involved in this "force" factor.

Creating 16,000 jobs within the IRS, for the main purpose of penalizing and policing Americans who either can't afford, or simply are not interested in, Obama's National Health Plan, for whatever reasons, is not the way to help the American economy.

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