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Friday, August 13, 2010

Christopher Hitchens: "How Am I? I'm Dying." (VIDEO)

Author Christopher Hitchens, an outspoken secular humanist atheist who wrote the best selling book “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” is being medically treated for esophageal cancer. In a recent interview, Christopher Hitchens stated that even though he knows he is dying, he still won't knowingly turn to religion. 

Hitchens said that any religious remarks or sentiments he might utter would be due to lunacy and fear caused by the cancer spreading to his brain, and added that it is possible he might say something indicating he is a religious believer, but that if he does utter these types of words, they would be spoken by someone he doesn't know or recognize. "The entity making such a remark might be a raving, terrified person whose cancer has spread to the brain. I can't guarantee that such an entity wouldn't make such a ridiculous remark, but no one recognizable as myself would ever make such a remark," he said. 

Christopher Hitchens: 'I'm Dying' (VIDEO)The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg Interviews Christopher Hitchens; with Author Martin Amis, Hitchen's "dearest friend." 

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Frugality Will Not Make You Rich

Can frugality make you rich? The time-tested art of frugality, or saving money by cutting all obvious corners, can certainly help anyone experiencing a personal economic crisis, but hyper-frugality is carrying frugality to an extreme that is almost laughable.

If you find yourself saving used pieces of tin foil after you used them in your oven, or you have a nasty habit of buying the unhealthiest food you can possibly find just because it's cheap, then you are practicing the dangerous art of hyper-frugality, and hyper-frugality is carrying frugality to the extreme.

Can hyper-frugality make you rich? By the example many wealthy people give, you would think this to be the case. However, the fact of the matter is that even though hyper-frugality will enable you to save more money each month, being hyper-frugal will definitely not make you rich.

Investing in stocks or mutual funds might help you to get rich, but if you don't invest wisely, you could literally lose every single penny you currently own. Don't invest any money you can't afford to lose. If you can afford to lose some money, do your research before investing any of your hard earned dollars.

If you learn the knack of buying low and selling high, and you are capable of not going into an emotional selling frenzy every time the stock market goes down, you actually could become a successful investor, and add extra money to your savings account.

Although many people seek financial wealth, being wealthy is not necessarily the most wonderful thing that can happen to a person. For some people, having too much money becomes an almost unbearable burden. Philanthropists enjoy giving money away, and this act of unselfish kindness is to the benefit of all lucky recipients.

It is far better to count your blessings instead of money. Blessings are free gifts from God, don't cost a cent, and help to make a person's life, both inner and outer, richer in the truest sense of the word.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good Men Are Indeed Hard To Find

Are there any good men left in the world? Where are the heroes, the true good men? Why does the expression "A good man is hard to find" ring more true today than ever? Do you know any good men, or do the men you meet seem good when, in fact, they are not? Do you know any men who truly seek God's direction in their lives?

Is there even such a thing as a good man? How can you tell? A man can be a good man without being perfect. A tireless and completely unselfish act of loving kindness is one sign that a man might be a good man. When an elderly husband becomes his wife's caretaker, and sacrifices many hours of his life for her welfare, this is a good man. When a young man joins the Army and becomes a soldier because he wants to protect and defend America and Americans, this is a good man.

Even though no man can ever truly be good, due to the inherent sinful nature in all human beings, some men stand apart from the masses of men, nobly performing their heroic deeds to a largely ungrateful humanity. These are the men who inspire and influence many other men who wish to emulate their inner strength. These are the good men who are hard to find.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Kinds of Men: Hero and Anti-Hero

Are you the kind of man who is a hero, or are you an anti-hero? A man needs to decide at some point in his life what kind of man he is going to be, either a hero or an anti-hero, and his actions should reflect this important decision. Heroes are self-confident, but seek God's face when making important decisions.

What does it mean to seek God's face? This means you pray and ask God for guidance, even though the answer might not be the one you expect. For example, if you are thinking about cheating on your wife, God is not going to approve of your actions, even if your wife happens to be far less than perfect.

Jack Bauer, the character in Fox TV's now defunct 24 series, is actually both a hero and an anti-hero, depending upon the situation at hand. On the one hand, Jack Bauer is a hero, an anti-terrorist who is not afraid to be politically incorrect, but on the other hand, Jack Bauer is also an ex-heroin addict who ended up being a disappointing anti-hero, actually a serial killer, during 24's last remaining episodes.

Heroes practice Agape love, which is a special kind of love that places the welfare of others above his own. In other words, a hero is completely unselfish, and has enough faith in God, when faced with either a serious temptation, or a difficult decision, to do the right thing. What difference does it make if you do the right thing? Do your actions matter that much? Yes, your actions do indeed count more than you might realize. Everything you do affects those you care about, and can even affect total strangers.

You have the power to set either a good or bad example to those around you, whether in person or online. If you are an online author with your own blog, a freelance writer, or are involved in forums and online social networking sites on the Internet, you have the capability and responsibility of setting a good example to those who read your words.

Heroes are brave men who risk their lives to save others. A few examples of everyday American heroes range from your neighborhood policemen and firemen to soldiers, marines, and all those courageous men who protect and defend all Americans and their country, the United States of America.

Do you want people who read what you write to be positively or negatively affected? Do you want your wife, relatives, friends, and Internet buddies to benefit in a good way from the words you write? If you do, choose what kind of man you are: hero or anti-hero.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Prayer For American Soldiers and Heroes

I wrote this prayer for American soldiers, heroes and everyone who seeks God's face. I ask God to bless all of you.

If you have been the target of physical, intellectual, or emotional intolerance, this prayer is also for you.

King James Bible
Psalm 24:6: "This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah." 1

King James Bible
Psalm 27:8: "When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek." 2
Memorial Day Prayer For American Soldiers and Heroes

May you always be blessed by the one, true God.

May He always lift you up out of depression and hopelessness.

May you always be directed and guided by Him whenever you need to make decisions about anything important in your life.

May you learn to be tolerant toward those that believe differently than you do.

May you learn to be tolerant toward those of other ethnic and religious backgrounds.

May you understand that God's tolerance far surpasses your imperfect interpretation.

May you come to an understanding that even those who vehemently protest belief in God may, in fact, be closer to Him than you realize. Sometimes protest is an outward form of an inner spiritual struggle.

May you continue to walk on a good and righteous path, and may no harm or evil ever befall you.

May you never give your fear the power to destroy your dreams.


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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

National Day of Prayer: A Factual Look At Congress And American History

The National Day of Prayer was not established by President George W. Bush, contrary to what Michael Stone of the Portland Progressive Examiner wrote on April 15, 2010:
The National Day of Prayer service was started by George W. Bush. It was an openly evangelical Christian affair, and was highly inappropriate for an official White House function. It was offensive to all non Christians. Christians must learn that not everyone subscribes to their silly superstition. Their superstition has no business being privileged or even recognized by the federal government.
Author's Commentary: Thank you, Michael Stone, for enlightening all of us about the "silly superstition" called Christianity. In fact, thank you, Michael Stone, for enlightening us about your personal beliefs, and for sharing your completely biased, and obviously liberal, thoughts with conservative Americans who don't happen to agree with you. God exists, Michael Stone, and your beliefs don't change the facts about God, Christianity, and the Bible. 

Here are a few historical facts about National Prayer in America: the first day of National Prayer in America took place in 1775 due to a declaration of the Continental Congress. President George Washington declared a day of Public Thanksgiving and Prayer on February 19, 1795. The National Day of Prayer, as recognized by Christians today, was a bill unanimously passed by Congress on April 17, 1952, and signed by President Harry Truman. The decision to have the National Day of Prayer on the first Thursday in May was made in 1988. {2}

On April 14, 2010, Wisconsin Judge Barbara Crabb decided that The National Day of Prayer is not constitutional. {1}

"The lawsuit against the National Day of Prayer was brought in Wisconsin by a group of atheists and agnostics called the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which argued that it violated the separation of church and state." {1}

Author's Commentary: Congress started the National Day of Prayer approximately 58 years ago. The atheist, secular humanist Freedom from Religion Foundation, co-founded by atheist and co-president Dan Barker, was the moving force behind Judge Barbara Crabb's decision. *See My Related Posts below
*See above quotation.
President Barack Hussein Obama, in spite of his persistent, yet highly questionable, insistence that he is a Christian, will not be holding the National Day of Prayer service at the White House today. What else is there to expect from President Barack Hussein Obama's self-proclaimed Christian faith? President Barack Obama walked out of the National Prayer Breakfast right before Christian quarterback Tim Tebow said his prayer. *See My Related Posts below.
I can't help but wonder if President Barack Hussein Obama would have canceled the National Day of Prayer service at the White House if the prayers to be recited were Muslim prayers. You think? 
{1} National Day of Prayer Deemed Unconstitutional,
but Obama Will Recognize it Anyway
Posted by Brian Montopoli
April 16, 2010 1:34 PM
{2} The National Day of Prayer in the USA (NDP)
History of the NDP

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


What will President Obama pray about at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, February 4? Barack Obama has a lot to pray about, but will his prayers, if any, be available to all Americans?

Quarterback Tim Tebow is expected to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast. Tim Tebow is a Christian believer in God and the Bible, and  lives his life as a Christian.

Tim Tebow is not afraid to let his fans know about his moral values, his Christian faith, and his belief in the Bible. Tim Tebow is also going to be featured in an already controversial anti-abortion Super Bowl ad.

When conservatives pray with liberals, who knows what might happen?

Information from:

Tebow To Attend National Prayer Breakfast

2/2/10 6:33 PM EST

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Florida star's anti-abortion spot wins cheers and jeers.
By Kristen Moulton
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Updated: 02/03/2010 05:17:06 PM MST

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TIM Tebow and Barack Obama To Attend National Prayer Breakfast

Tim Tebow's agent told Politico that he will be attending the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, February 4. Quarterback Tim Tebow is the winner of the Heisman Trophy, and Tebow will also appear in a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl. {1} 
Asked if Tebow will speak at the breakfast, his agent, Susan Vanderlinde, said, “Yes, I believe he is.”

President Obama and several lawmakers plan to attend the breakfast. {1}
Tebow, who just finished his last football season at the University of Florida, has crossed over from sports to politics and religion: He will appear in an ad paid for by the conservative Christian group, Focus on the Family, during the Super Bowl. {1}


Author's Note: Let's hope that President Obama and the several lawmakers attending the prayer breakfast receive new inspiration and insight from quarterback Tim Tebow about the right way (no pun intended) to provide leadership for Americans.

Tim Tebow is not afraid to let his fans know about his Christian faith, belief in God, and love for the Bible, and Tim Tebow's fans appreciate his honesty and moral values.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Prayer For Soldiers and Those Who Mourn

Here is an excerpt from a Memorial Day Prayer:

"God, lift the hearts of those for whom this holiday is not just diversion,but painful memory and continued deprivation.Bless those whose dear ones have died needlessly, wastefully [as it seems]in accident or misadventure.We remember with compassion those who have died serving their countries in the futility of combat." 1

1 - Click this link to read the entire prayer.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

American Humanist Association Answers Metro Bus Commuters' Questions About Anti-God Posters

The American Humanist Association recently placed anti-God posters on Metro buses. The following link contains their ridiculous answers to commuters' questions.

I have noticed that this sort of event always happens just before major Christian holidays. You see, Secular Humanists really do have a religion, and it's name is Atheism. Atheism's adherents are very interested in converting as many people as they can (or should I say brainwashing?) to their way of thinking.

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Controversial Bus Ad Questions Your Faith In God

Click the following link to read The American Humanist Association's answers. Please note that The American Humanist Association is an organization of secular humanists, or atheists.

The following questions have been asked in response to the humanist Metro bus posters: Why not believe in a god? Without a god, why be good at all? Isn’t Christmas really about Jesus?

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Don't Miss This Video! Greenville, South Carolina Catholic Priest Asking His Parishioners To Repent For Obama Vote

If you missed my recent post about this CNN Video, here is the direct link. Don't miss this one!

Priest: Repent for Obama vote

Check out the other fun stuff on my new site, including my new conservative search engine, Conservative Wordsmith Site Search. Simply type in any word, and you will quickly see how it works.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Catholic Priest Asks Parishioners To Repent For Barack Obama Vote!

A Roman Catholic priest in Greenville, South Carolina has asked his parishioners to repent for voting for President-Elect Barack Obama.

Watch this CNN Video:
Priest: Repent for Obama vote
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