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Thursday, June 10, 2010

George W. Bush On Facebook -- Over 140,000 Fans On Day 9

I joined President George W. Bush's Facebook page earlier today. President Bush has already received thousands of positive comments since he first joined Facebook on June 2, and his Facebook page has grown to over 140,000 Facebook fans in just a little over one week.

President Bush is offering interesting posts on his Facebook wall, and I am looking forward to visiting George W. Bush's official Facebook page often. I also plan on sharing some of President Bush's posts on my Facebook wall from time to time, as he is being gracious enough to allow the "sharing" option on his Facebook wall.

I already shared some of President George W. Bush's offerings on my Facebook wall earlier today, such as information about First Lady Laura Bush's best-selling memoir, "Spoken from the Heart," the #1 bestseller on the "New York Times" Bestseller List for three weeks in a row; and a link to a short video of Presidents Bush's Inaugural Address [HD].

George W. Bush on Facebook:

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