Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sarah Palin: "She's Not Retreating; She's Reloading."

I don't understand how any conservative could not like Sarah Palin. Now if you are calling yourself a conservative, but you secretly despise Sarah Palin and harbor fond thoughts about President Barack Obama, then that is a different situation.

In any case, Sarah Palin's new book, "Going Rogue: An American Life" is already a best-seller even though it is not scheduled to appear in your local bookstore until tomorrow, November 17. In the meantime, Sarah Palin appears on the Oprah Winfrey show today.

"One year later, Palin has seen more than her fair share of controversies but has emerged as one of the hottest Republican stars and is among the early leaders for the 2012 presidential nomination."

"We came back [from the campaign] to a new normal in Alaska. Everything had so changed in my administration," Palin continued. "There were so many opposition researchers up there in Alaska that were sent, probably, by the Obama camp. ... It was a point where my state of Alaska was being hampered by my presence there."

"Ultimately though, Palin made clear the move wasn't so much an end as it was a beginning."

"My dad's quote sums it up better than I sum it up," she said. 'She's not retreating; she's reloading.'"

Source: Sarah Palin tells Oprah about controversies, future 

The original date of this publication was November 16, 2009.

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