Monday, March 1, 2010

9/11 CONSPIRACY THEORIES: An Open Letter To A Liberal Apologist

Regarding 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Thanks for appreciating what I do, even though you obviously don't agree. As far as the "FACTS" go, however, you are incorrect. I have numerous "FACTS" at my disposal to share with anyone, including you, who really wants to know the truth about 9/11. It is not I who have tried to change anyone's mind with "force," but the perpetrators of conspiracy theories, who, as a MATTER OF FACT, have ZERO FACTS!

The problem is that so far, the majority, nay, almost all, of the truthers I have exchanged comments with, have shown little, if any, desire whatsoever to read even the smallest amount of vast information available. 

It's sad, indeed, but true, that Truthers don't really want to know THE TRUTH because thay have been brainwashed by clever conspiracy-theorists, similarly to the modern Neo-Nazi movement. These Neo-Nazis have been brainwashed by Holocaust Deniers and other anti-semitic propaganda; this is yet another false, and extremely dangerous, conspiracy theory.

I also must tell you that I do not appreciate your comparing America to Nazis and the Roman Empire! Surely you do not actually believe this, do you?

You said "Love everybody." Do you know what loving the Taliban and Jihadist Terrorists is going to accomplish? It won't accomplish anything. Tell all of the millions of dead souls, mostly Jews, that if they had only "loved" Hitler, there would have been no Holocaust, and they never would have been killed. Do you think that would have been the case? Evil is Evil, and one can't love Evil and Goodness both.

Author's Note: The person I wrote this Open Letter to is a gifted artist. Unfortunately, I was not aware of his political leanings until I read his posted comments on my recent Facebook status. This Open Letter was originally a posted reply, in the form of a comment, on my Facebook Wall. 

Click to read my status, and all Facebook comments written by Conservative Wordsmith Susan Baldwin, plus comments by a few of her currently 2,700+ Facebook friends.

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