Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FEMA Concentration Camps in America: Myths, Hoaxes and Lies

FEMA Concentration Camps or FEMA Death Camps in America are myths. The FEMA Concentration Camps Hoax is another Conspiracy Theory. Here is the real Truth: there are no FEMA Concentration Camps in America. Neither are there any FEMA Death Camps in America. America does not have FEMA Concentration Camps. America does not have FEMA Death Camps. Experts have already debunked this conspiracy theory. Yes, debunking conspiracy theories such as the FEMA Concentration Camps myth is the job of expert debunkers.

Do you believe the FEMA Concentration Camps myth, hoax, conspiracy theory or lie (whatever name you choose to call it)? If so, your mind has really been brainwashed by conspiracy theorists. Yes, you have fallen prey to exactly what conspiracy theorists desire: your mind. I have said it before, and I will say it again: there are no FEMA Death Camps or FEMA Concentration Camps anywhere in America. Look at the real evidence and stop believing in myths and hoaxes. The falsehood of these myths and hoaxes has been exposed by expert debunkers who specialize in debunking conspiracy theories.

Here is a real warning for those of you who have become involved with Neo-Nazis and/or Truthers. Truthers choose to believe in AMERICAN FEMA DEATH CAMP FAIRY TALES, but refuse to believe in REAL HISTORICAL HOLOCAUST DEATH CAMPS LIKE AUSCHWITZ. If you have identified yourself with neo-Nazi groups or Truthers, get a grip on reality before it's too late. Your mind is in danger of being lost forever in the dangerous realms of conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazi Holocaust Revisionists, anti-Semitic groups, and political supporters of Ron Paul. FEMA Concentration Camps do NOT exist in America. FEMA Concentrations Camps in America are myths that have been debunked by the experts. *See my "Dig Deeper" Post Below. There is no evidence supporting the hoax of FEMA Death Camps because the whole idea is a hoax.

Are you a skinhead? Yes, you -- you know who you are. You are guilty of anti-Semitism and you belong to a group of people known as deniers. Holocaust deniers deny that the Holocaust really occurred, yet believe in American Fema Death Camps. This is a twisted philosophy that seeps its way into your soul and corrupts it before you even realize what has happened. You are lost. Get away from truthers, neo-Nazis and Ron Paul groupies quickly -- RUN! RUN away as fast as you can, before you no longer have the ability to think for yourself. Do not believe in myths and hoaxes. Do not believe in conspiracy theories, because many conspiracy theories, including the FEMA Concentration Camps or FEMA Death Camps conspiracy theory, have already been debunked by experts. Do NOT allow conspiracy theorists to meddle with your mind.

*Dig Deeper Into The Truth About The FEMA Death Camp Hoax:
Fema Concentration Camps: One More Conspiracy Theory For Truthers


  1. I think maybe you should look a little closer yourself. I am not a skinhead or anti Semite nor am I a truther or conspiracy nut. However I have with my own eyes seen centers as described to be a "concentration camp" all though as of now they residential centers. There is a Bill that has been approved called HR 645 I believe or very similar number that states that congress and fema have authorized such camps. They do exist. As well as the disturbingly HUGE number of "coffin liners" in the hundreds of thousands in GA. Not saying these things are related or even that these camps are planned to be used to intern "dissidents" Just that they do exist and the U.S. NEVER spends money of this magnitude to prepare for a what if scenario. Also the Govt has interred hundreds of thousands of people in the past before. WWII Hundreds of thousands of American citizens were interred simply because they had Japanese ancestry, some 3rd or 4th generation Americans. 0 were ever found to be spies or saboteurs. If one does not learn from history one is doomed to repeat it. Finally I work for the D.O.D and have access to maybe a little more info than you do, Nothing to send anyone running for the hills but enough to confirm that in fact these places that you seem to believe are a myth do exist.

  2. I suppose the large stocks of grave liners are a figment of my imagination as well ! You Tube dhpam channel and see for yourself the vid of the "coffins" in on state alone. You can count them to a pallet by freezing the frame, then as the vid moves along the lines you can again freeze the vid & count the lines. At the end you can count the depth of the pallets. This is one storage base only. 150 x 50 x 18 = 135,000.

    It's there for anyone to see and only one example. You cant argue with it. Why would a manufacturing business store 135,000 coffin liners unless they had one hell of a big order ? It wouldn't make economic sense !

  3. Jeez there are no FEMA death camps nut cases always say they've seen them being buil ( really...was there a sign that said "Future home of FEMA DEATH CAMP NO. 15"?) or they know someone who saw them.

    Okay...give the exact addresses of the camps, directions to them and video. Why cant the nut cases ever do that?


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