Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nancy Pelosi is "Just Wrong" about her Values

Nancy Pelosi inspired Democrats attending the Democratic Convention on Wednesday, September 5, with the following mantra: "It's just plain wrong." This is the type of chant that Democrats love to repeat. Pelosi erroneously stated that Republicans are against the reproductive health of women! She used these words instead of the abortion word. I have this to say to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: "Ms. Pelosi, with all due respect, you are just plain wrong!" Many Republicans are against abortion, but abortion and reproductive health are two different and unrelated issues. Is it healthy to get an abortion? Are Republicans against women having healthy reproductive systems? This is either another false conspiracy theory or it is a deliberately misleading statement.

The Views Expressed by Liberal Democrats are "just plain wrong"

Liberal democrats believe that all of the ideals and values Republicans represent are "just plain wrong." Actually, what is "just plain wrong" is the prominent views of the Democratic party. Democrats simply do not understand the truth about many important issues. For instance, Tuesday's Democratic National Convention witnessed Democratic leaders boasting about the values and top political agendas favored by Democrats: abortion and gay marriage.

President Barack Obama is the First U.S. President to Publicly Support Gay Marriage

In fact, a point was made by one of the speakers at the Democratic Convention on Tuesday that Barack Obama is the first President of the United States of America to officially stand up for gay marriage. Yes, this is what Democrats offer to Americans: Let every woman have the right to get an abortion, and allow every gay man and woman to get married.

Agendas Professed by Democratic Leaders are not the Main Issues Facing Many Americans

These are evidently two of the most important issues represented by Democratic leaders at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. I'm sorry to inform Nancy Pelosi and those Democrats who agree with her unjustifiable diatribe that she, along with her fellow Democratic leaders, are all "just plain wrong" about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's plans to save America from economic disaster. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand the issues that are important to the majority of American voters, and these two Republican candidates offer Americans real hope for their futures.

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