Monday, November 3, 2008

McCain Or Not McCain? That Is The Polling Question!

Is the answer John McCain/Sarah Palin or Barack Obama/Joe Biden? Do the polls show absolutely, without any shadows of doubts, that Obama will definitely win the 2008 Presidential Election? If that were the case then there would never be any reason for Americans to vote at all.

No matter how much the liberal media may have convinced you that there is no chance either in Heaven or on Earth that Republicans will ever live in the White House again, there is still the possibility that the liberal media is wrong. If you believe them, then logic indicates that you might also be equally wrong.

If you are a conservative, please don't allow the liberal media to persuade you that Barack Obama has already won. Liberals want you to stay home, or in your office, wherever the case may be, and sulk all day. You will make their day if you don't vote tomorrow.

Actually, according to the Daily Tracking Poll at
Rasmussen Reports, today's poll indicates:

Obama 52%
McCain 46%

Compare this to today's most recent
ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Obama 53%
McCain 44%

Those 3 extra percentage points that ABC News and the Washington Post have given to Obama today might be a lot different tomorrow. They shouldn't count their chickens (or presidents) before they hatch, and neither should you.

Conservative Wordsmith Susan Baldwin appreciates your thoughts and comments.

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