Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mitt Romney In 2012? Maybe a Mormon Will Be U.S.President Afterall!

Mitt Romney, the candidate I supported and blogged about so often last year, is currently on the National Review's annual cruise with 700 other conservative activists. According to an article on, Mitt Romney's popularity is high, and the Republican party is showing interest in him as a presidential nominee for 2012.

"But it isn't just any cruise and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney isn't just any Republican. Since the economy began its historic downturn six weeks ago, Romney's stock in his party appears to have skyrocketed." 1

"But even as Romney publicly declares he has no intentions to run again, several former aides said they believe he will, and this week's get-together with leading conservatives is only the latest sign the man who spent more than $50 million of his own money to vie for the party's nomination last year is itching to do it again." 1

Way to go, Mitt! I still believe you would have been the best U.S. President in the 2008 election, and maybe there is still a chance for this to happen in 2012.

1 Is Romney the man to save GOP in 2012?
By Alexander MooneyCNN

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  1. As many analysts have already concluded, when Mitt dropped out at CPAC he proved not only that he is a true conservative, but that his intentions are pure. In 2012 the front runners will probably be Jindal, Palin, Huckabee (who is already urging his supporters to save up money so they can donate the max in 2011), and Mitt Romney.

    Rove was brilliant in his use of evangelicals to tilt the scale toward Bush, but unfortunately that produced a failed ticket in 2008 and a primary which might have irreparable harm to the Party had Mitt not stepped out. As the evans become more and more liberal in their economic and environmental theology, Mitt will become more and more appealing (not that he wasn't already) to the majority of Republicans.

    I'm not sure that Palin will recover in four years from her reputation as an idiot. So GO MITT!!!


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