Thursday, May 21, 2009

24's 7th Season: Jack Bauer's Muslim Imam Confession Continues To Perplex Fans Worldwide

Kiefer Sutherland's portrayal of Jack Bauer's deathbed confession to a Muslim imam on Fox TV's 24, Season 7, Monday night, has evidently created a huge controversy for puzzled fans.

On Tuesday, I wrote and published several posts about 24 character Jack Bauer's sudden interest in, and possible conversion, to the Islam religion. Both of my sites ( and received many visitors from all over the world. Perplexed 24 fans continue to visit my sites today.

Jack Bauer has been merciless to terrorists of any kind, especially fanatical Muslim Jihadist terrorists, in many of the past episodes during previous seasons of 24. Granted, the Muslim imam is definitely not a terrorist of any kind, but Jack's sudden interest in choosing to speak to a Muslim imam, as a spiritual advisor, during his possible last days on earth, is perplexing to many 24 fans.

Thanks to one of my erudite commentators, I have been informed that the extremely conservative Joel Surnow, one of the original creators and a major producer of 24, resigned in 2008. I had not previously been aware of this. I checked it out, and here is an excerpt from ZAP2it regarding this fact:

"Joel Surnow, a co-creator of "24," is leaving the show to pursue other projects.Surnow had been thinking about leaving the FOX show for a while, and during the writers' strike he came to a firm decision. His departure is effective immediately, meaning he won't be part of the 16 episodes yet to be filmed for the show's seventh season, the showbiz trade papers report." 1

According to an an article published in the Hollywood Reporter, and cited in a libertas, A FORUM FOR CONSERVATIVE THOUGHT ON FILM post entitled 'Joel Surnow Exits “24″, "'The openly conservative Surnow, who jokingly labeled himself a 'right-wing nut job,' has been the most visible of the masterminds behind '24.'He hasn’t shied from speaking his mind and made headlines in November when he said: 'Are we nuts thinking Hillary Clinton could be president of this country? Honest to God, just stand back and think about it.' Ironically, the upcoming seventh season of '24,' slated to debut in January 2009, features the first female U.S. president, played by Cherry Jones.'"

Joel Surnow's resignation from 24 is one plausible explanation for the mystery of Jack Bauer's deathbed confession to a Muslim imam. I emphasize the word one, because I believe there is more to it than the resignation of Joel Surnow.

However, Mr. Surnow's resignation certainly is an important factor in understanding Season 7's overly liberal slant, not only on the Muslim issue, but other issues also, such as a female president who is completely against torture of any kind, including that of terrorists.

1 '24' Co-Creator Stops Clock February 13, 2008


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