Friday, May 15, 2009

Freddie Mercury: Would He Vote For Or Against Gay Marriage?

My guess is that you probably won't hear about Queen's famous rocker Freddie Mercury, and his amazing love for a woman, Mary Austin, from most gay activist organizations. In case you're visiting from an unknown planet,Freddie Mercury was gay (no pun intended).

Gay activists want heterosexuals to believe that not allowing gays to marry is tantamount to being a Jew-hater in Nazi Germany. In other words, that being gay is equal to being a member of a religious denomination, such as Judaism (Gayism?).

In fact, there was a television advertisement implying this shortly before Californians voted against gay marriage a second time, in spite of the California Court's previous positive ruling. I saw the ad myself, and it implied that if you don't vote in favor of gay marriage, you are an intolerant racist bigot.

I'm sorry, but homosexuality isn't a religion. While it is true that Hitler's Nazi henchmen killed about 6 million Jews, many homosexuals and practically wiped out the entire Gypsy population in Europe, along with torturing the mentally challenged, and others, that still doesn't make homosexuality a religion or a race. It is a sexual preference, nothing more and nothing less.

Would Freddie Mercury have been in favor of gay marriage had he made it to 2009? I don't think so. Freddie only had eyes, in his soul, in his innermost being, for a woman, Mary Austin. I don't believe that the thought of marrying a man ever even entered his brain.

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