Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day TV: ABC Airs Gay Lesbian Marriage On "All My Children"

I am totally shocked by ABC's decision to air a gay lesbian marriage on "All My Children", an ABC daytime television soap opera, on Memorial Day, when children and teens are home from school. Not only were children and teenagers, especially vulnerable female teenagers, able to watch two women being married, but also kissing on the lips.

This outrageously liberal scene was aired on KABC TV's "All My Children" just a short time ago, but note that "All My Children" is aired all over the country, maybe the world, in whatever time zones are appropriate for any given area.

There is no way this can be an accident, seeing as the California Courts are expected to make an official decision Tuesday, May 26, about whether the voters of California get to see their Vote Against Gay Marriage upheld or ignored.

The fact that ABC (owned by The Walt Disney Company, by the way) would make a choice to air this episode of All My Children at all is deplorable enough in itself, but to choose Memorial Day as the day of the airing is irresponsible, irreverent, and despicable.

Today, Memorial Day, is the day that Americans honor those heroic soldiers that died for the sake of American freedom. I am certain that the liberty Americans recognize in the United States of America didn't include gay marriage in the minds of America's founding fathers.

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