Friday, May 29, 2009

Did Jack Bauer Convert To Islam During His Deathbed Confession To The Muslim Imam?--Poll Results

The Jack Bauer/Muslim Imam Poll is now closed as of 5-29-09 at 1:53 AM. Thank you for voting. Here are the final results:

14 (32%)
14 (32%)

4 (9%)

I'm not sure.
1 (2%)

The script was not clear.
3 (6%)

I'm tired of liberal politically correct propaganda in the mainstream media.
11 (25%)

Jack Bauer did not convert. He merely had a pleasant conversation with the Muslim Imam.
8 (18%)

Jack Bauer's brain has been contaminated with unusual chemicals, and he is no longer capable of making a rational decision.
4 (9%)

Jack Bauer is a secular humanist atheist, and has no real interest in any religion.
1 (2%)

I want the old Jack Bauer back!
13 (30%)

I will vote tomorrow after I've had a chance to calm down.
4 (9%)

Votes so far: 43 Poll closed

1 comment:

  1. I don't get why people have been asking about this. If Jack had run into a Catholic priest earlier in the day, he would have called up the priest; if he had run into a Hindu muckademuck, he would have called him up. Jack merely perceived that (1) the Imam seemed like a spiritual man; and (2) he was dying and his conscience told him he needed to talk to someone who had an at least remote connection with the Deity. And bingo.

    That, at least, seems to be the logical explanation. If, on the other hand, they actually are trying to say something and it turns out that next season Jack Bauer is a Muslim.... I don't know. I might get hysterical.


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