Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Annie Wersching, Alias 24's Renee Walker, Deserves Best Actress Emmy

Annie Wersching is a newcomer to 24, this being her first season on the Fox TV show. I must say that she is fantastic as the equally new character, FBI Agent Renee Walker.

Renee Walker gradually becomes a sort of female Jack Bauer, and Annie Wersching is so good in her portrayal that I almost believed that Jack Bauer is going to die, and that she will succeed him as the new hero. I no longer believe this however, due to the final few moments on Monday night's final episode of 24.

In any case, Annie Wersching deserves to be nominated, and win, an Emmy for Best Actress. She added so much vitality to Series 7, and, if the producers of 24 actually do kill off Jack Bauer (still don't think that's going to happen), she would be a fitting replacement.

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  1. i agree! she does a fantastic job on the season 7. after boring season 6 and repeated ticking clock action sort of ends the same, I was kinda tired with the whole 24 idea. but Annie Wersching definitely add so much to the story and to be honest, even though the season 7 plot (the CIP devise) is unrealistic, season 7 is my favorite because RENEE WALKER.


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